Wind Dancers

Wind dancers are a special variety of flag. Resembling regular flags but extra long, wind dancers are made to fly in the breeze. Their long, narrow length allows them to really wave in even the slightest wind, giving them the appearance of dancing across the sky. When wind dancers begin to flap, curl and ripple, they often produce a distinctive flopping sound that gets attention. Their appearance and sound abilities make wind dancers excellent mediums for advertising. Companies often have them custom printed with slogans and contact information, and then fly them from in front of their buildings or other strategic locations.

Other, especially long wind dancers are attached to the backs of airplanes and flown across town. Companies in areas with large tourist districts sometimes hire planes to fly this type of flag outdoors over the area so that tourists know that the businesses are nearby. Other companies may hire airplanes to fly wind dancers over special events like sporting events and outdoor concerts.

Wind Dancers Add a Unique Touch to Any Advertising Campaign

In addition to wind dancers, there are a number of other ways that companies can use flags to advertise. Custom-made flags printed with a company's contact information and logo can be flown from just about anywhere, either from a pole or wall mount. Small, hand-held versions of these custom flags can be handed out to customers as free special gifts. Colorful pennant flags can be flown outside around an area the business wants customers to see, such as car lots. For a wide variety of flags for any purpose, contact Flag Emporium.