US Flag Lapel Pin

Wearing a US flag lapel pin has become an important way for presidential candidates to show their patriotism. In the 2008 election season, it became a real campaign issue. During the primaries, all but one of the Democratic candidates were seen in public wearing US flag lapel pins. They all claimed that they always wore these pins as a show of support for their native land. However, the one candidate who did not wear the US flag lapel pin took a lot of criticism for not doing so. Despite his insistence that he wanted to show his patriotism in tangible ways, not merely symbolic ways, he was roundly rebuked by the public for not following the line and doing what the other candidates were doing.

Though the memory of this issue faded from the public's collective mind after a while, many people on the street have continued to wear US flag lapel pins. For many, wearing these pins is the only way they can display their patriotism. They aren't in the military, and they may be elderly and not able to do much else, but they wear their pins religiously. Other common ways to indicate patriotism are sewing flag patches onto clothing and collecting gifts, such as coffee mugs, printed with the image of the flag.

US Flag Lapel Pins, Patches and Coffee Mugs

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