Pirate Flags

Historically, pirate flags were used as a means of intimidating enemy ships. A pirate ship would hoist its flag as a way of telling victims to "surrender or die." In modern times, we think of pirate flags as the traditional black background with a white skull and crossbones. Many pirates did use this flag--or ones very similar to it--but there were also a number of other pirate flag variants.

The pirate flags we sell at the Flag Emporium are the standard black and white design. We sell them in a variety of sizes and styles (including mini stick flags and embroidered patches), but only one varies in design. That one is our Jolly Roger with Red Scarf and Golden Earring, and it is embroidered and appliqu├ęd on weather-resistant polyester.

Custom-Made Pirate Flags

Although most of our pirate flags are the standard Jolly Roger, we can and do customize any flag on demand. All we need is a three to four week lead time and your design specifications. If you're a history buff and want an authentic replica of your favorite pirate's flag, simply fax or e-mail us your design and we'll make your flag!

Legend has it that when pirates flew a black flag it meant a warning to surrender, but a red flag meant "everybody dies." If you really want to send a chill through your next theme party, make it a pirate motif and display a custom -made red Jolly Roger flag. Conversely, you could show the softer side of swashbuckling with our Pirate Honor Bear.