International Flags

The Flag Emporium is an excellent source for finding affordable, high-quality international flags. Our inventory includes over 200 flags from countries around the world, and we offer each in an assortment of sizes. Best of all, if we don't currently carry the international flag you want, we can customize one to fit your exact specifications.

Most of our full-sized international flags are made from sturdy nylon, making them suitable for outdoor mounting. We also carry a fine selection of outdoor flag poles and stands. All of our full-sized international flags come with heading and grommets for easy, secure mounting. If you prefer to carry your flag in a parade, we offer flag belts as well.

Interesting Items Exhibiting International Flags

If you are in the market for an international flag from your home country or the country of your ancestors, you will find the following items in our extensive inventory:

  • Full-sized 200-denier nylon flags from 2x3' to 5x8'
  • 4x6" mini flags from around the world, with staff and finial included
  • International flags represented on decals, lapel pins, patches and coffee mugs

There are many occasions on which you can have fun flying an international flag. Carrying the flag of Ireland in a St. Patrick's Day parade, for instance, is a wonderful way to seize the spirit of the day. Flying your favorite team's national flag when they win the soccer World Cup is another way to express your loyalty and love. Whatever the occasion, the Flag Emporium is your comprehensive source for flags from around the world.