Residential Flagpole

Residential flagpoles are available in several different styles. Each homeowner has unique decorating tastes, and flagpoles can play an important role in any outdoor display. The most common materials for residential flagpoles are aluminum and fiberglass, as these are lightweight and easy to set up. These materials can also stand up to a host of adverse weather conditions and blend into any background without clashing with anything in the surrounding area.

Some people choose to use large, permanent residential flagpoles. This type of pole allows owners to set up traditional flag displays with flags that can be raised and lowered as necessary. Some people like to perform flag-raising ceremonies each day and go through the routine of lowering them each night. Many people who have been in the military like to set up this kind of display. Other people may want the residential flagpole, but prefer to have it be portable, rather than permanently affixed to the ground. This way, they can set up flags on important national holidays, such as the Fourth of July, Veteran's Day and Memorial Day.

Residential Flagpoles for Every Home

Another option is to get a small, wall-mounted flagpole to affix to the side of residential property. This way, the flag can be placed in there as desired and taken out when it's dark or the weather is bad. Seasonal and decorative flags can also be placed on this type of flagpole. Flag Emporium carries aluminum and fiberglass flagpoles for all residential uses.