Religious Flags

When most people think of spiritual beliefs and organizations, they usually do not think of religious flags. After all, these items have traditionally been in the realm of the military and national governments. They are something people pledge allegiance to and fight for, not put in their churches. However, many religious faiths have corresponding flags. These symbols of religion serve the same purpose as those in other parts of life--they give worshippers something to stand behind and support, giving it their loyalty as a symbol that unites them all in their common beliefs.

One of the most recognized religious flags in the world is the Christian flag. While those who created it always maintained it was meant to represent all of Christianity, it is primarily used in Protestant churches. The Christian flag is white, with a blue square in the upper-left-hand corner. On this blue square is a red cross. The white is supposed to represent the purity of Christ, while the blue symbolizes his royalty and the red symbolizes the blood he shed to save mankind. Many Christian churches have this flag flying in their sanctuaries or even outside the buildings.

Religious Flags for Spiritual Use

Other religions have flags, as well. The Episcopal church has its own design, as does the Vatican and the nation of Israel (whose flag represents the Jewish faith). In fact, there are many religious flags in use all over the world, from faith-based holiday flags to Tibetan prayer flags. Flag Emporium carries religious, holiday and other flags from every part of the world.