Military Flags

Military flags are a part of virtually any fighting unit. In fact, one of the original uses of flags in human history was for military organizations. People have been fighting for territory, food, women and honor for as long as human beings have existed. Organizing groups into military forces streamlined the process of fighting by creating a class of people who were supposed to do the fighting on behalf of everyone else. Having a flag to carry and wave that was emblazoned with the unit's unique symbols and colors gave the fighting men something to rally around and fight for, as it represented home, hearth and all that was familiar to them.

The use of military flags continues today, and each particular unit, regiment and battalion often has its own version. The scope of the colors and designs on the world's military flags throughout history is astounding, and many people find enjoyment in collecting them. People who have been in the military often like to have replicas of their units' flags to display once they become civilians. Versions of military flags can also be turned into patches that people can sew onto their jackets, jeans and other pieces of clothing.

Military Flags and Their Corresponding Patches

People who have been in the military, or who have had loved ones who were in it, often feel a terrific sense of loyalty to their particular flags. Even years after becoming civilians, these symbols still inspire feelings of devotion for them. Military flags and patches of all kinds are available from Flag Emporium.