Mexican Flags

National flags are important symbols of identity for most countries on earth. Each country's flag has its own special symbolism that carries on a long, rich and varied history. This history is part of what makes the people of a nation who they are, and seeing the flag promotes a feeling of unity unlike anything else. This is why the people in any given nation are often so passionate about their flag. It defines them as a people and binds them together with a common heritage, history and purpose. People have fought and died in wars for the sole purpose of protecting what their country's flag stands for, and these items are routinely carried into battle as a way of motivating and inspiring the troops.

The Mexican flag is a good example of this. Mexico's colors are regularly flown at Cinco de Mayo and other national holidays, and Mexican citizens go crazy cheering for their flag, especially if these celebrations are being held in a foreign country. The same is true of the United Kingdom, Israel, Spain, Australia and most other countries with strong national identities.

National Flags Promote Patriotism and an Exchange of Cultural Information

Sharing stories about national flags with people from other countries can promote tolerance, acceptance and increased knowledge of other cultures. A country's flag is usually a primary object in any ambassadorial campaign for peace. People may even wear patches of their country's flag when abroad in order to display their patriotism. Flag Emporium carries flags and their equivalent patches for all of the world's nations.