Historical Flags

There are hundreds of historical flags, and most of them are available as reproductions from reputable specialty companies. Flags have been used throughout human history for military use, as national symbols and for display as a way to honor individuals and groups. The United States alone has gone through more than a dozen flags in its history. Authentic flags from history--the ones that actually saw the events they commemorate--can be found in museums. For example, the original Star Spangled Banner that inspired the song was flown during a pivotal battle during the War of 1812. Today, this famous military flag can be seen displayed in the Smithsonian Institution to celebrate and honor that tumultuous time.

Other countries also have famous historical flags, such as the renowned St. George's Cross flag from Great Britain. The Spanish Empire had its own flag, as did the French Revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution. Historical flags served much the same purpose as modern ones do--they provide a common symbol of unity for a battle or cause that people can rally around, fight for and support.

Historical Flags From All Eras

Today, people can buy replicas of these flags for use at home, in school, in church or during special events commemorating certain time periods or battles. Displaying these flags is a way to remember history and honor those who fought for the causes the flags represent. Historical flags of all kinds are available from Flag Emporium, an online retailer with a history going back more than three decades.