Flags And Bunting

Pennant flags aren't just for sporting events. Many businesses are using them to advertise. Because of their small sizee, pennant flags aren't conducive to being printed with custom advertising messages--while this is possible, the messages wouldn't be very visible. Instead, pennant flags are typically used to draw attention to an outdoor area where something special is happening. Car dealerships often use these colorful, decorative flags to outline the area where a car sale is happening. Fairs and farmers markets may also use pennants to let passers-by know that something unique is going on within the borders the flags outline. In fact, any number of outdoor activities can be accentuated by the use of pennant flags.

Decorative Pennant Flags, Bunting and Other Supplies

Custom flags of regular size are also used by companies that want a unique way of advertising. Most flags can be printed, embroidered or silk screened with custom graphics and messages that the company provides to the manufacturer. Images can be on one side only, or on both sides of the flag, though the two-sided version has a more professional, high-quality appearance.

Businesses that use flags a a part of their advertising plans can also choose to have images of their flags imprinted on a variety of gifts and novelties, such as coffee mugs, t-shirts and more. These items can be given away as promotional items or sold in company gift stores. Either way, it keeps the name of the company in the minds of potential customers. Flag Emporium is a specialty dealer that makes custom flags for any purpose and also carries supplies such as poles and bunting.