Flag Patches

Flag patches make it easy for people to demonstrate their patriotism or solidarity with virtually any other cause. Because they are inexpensive, flag patches can be bought in large quantities and sewn all over jackets, jeans and other pieces of clothing. In many cases, it doesn't even take a sewing machine to do this well. Anyone who can make a simple stitch can affix a flag patch to any piece of cloth with only a needle and thread, and it usually takes very little time to do so.

Flag patches are available in a wide variety of styles and designs, because it's not only national governments that have flags of their own. The following entities can also have their own, unique versions:

  • States
  • Cities
  • Military units
  • Schools
  • Families
  • Sports teams
  • Political parties

Flag Patches in a Rainbow of Colors

The flags of the world often make appearances as patches on luggage and backpacks among young travelers. These travelers may sew on the patches to proudly advertise their home nation. However, some may purposefully affix the flag of another country to their luggage if they are going to a country that doesn't like people of their nationality. Virtually every country in the world has its own flag, and a display of international flag patches to show what countries one has visited will result in a travel bag covered in every color of the rainbow.

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