Flag Lapel Pins

Some people wear flag lapel pins every day. These people believe the USA is the greatest nation on earth and want to show others they think so, too. While others may love their country, people who regularly wear flag lapel pins are especially passionate about it. It is now also common for candidates for public office to wear flag lapel pins, to show voters in their political parties that they really care about the USA. This show of patriotism really seems to resonate with voters and often brings in additional votes for those candidates.

During election seasons, people who might not otherwise wear flag lapel pins may start wearing the pins of their chosen political parties. Republicans have elephant lapel pins, while Democrats put out their own donkey version. Even third-party candidates may wear a version of their own party's flag. Like wearing the US flag, this type of fashion statement shows support of and solidarity with a particular cause and lets others know where that person stands.

Flag Lapel Pins to Support the USA

In most cases, lapel pins are very small and not easily visible from more than a few feet away. This makes the pins appear tasteful and understated. The person wearing them is not shouting to the world that he is a patriot. Instead, this person is saying he is a quiet but steadfast supporter of his homeland. Flag lapel pins, political party pins and other patriotic items, such as flags and banners, are available from Flag Emporium.