Flag Decals

There are several different kinds of flag decals. The window cling style can be affixed to glass, where it is visible from both sides of the window. Static electricity holds it in place, and it can be moved many times before completely losing its static charge. Decals can also come with adhesive backs to that they can be affixed to virtually any surface. Car bumper stickers are a version of the adhesive back variety, and are usually weatherproofed so they won't disintegrate in the rain or snow. Patriotic or American flag decals are some of the most popular types of designs in the United States.

During election seasons and periods of national crisis, such as wars, flag decals appear much more often than at other times. People affix these things to their belongings so that they can show their solidarity with the United States and its people. In many cases, helping the cause in direct ways is impossible for them, either due to age, disability or other personal circumstances, and so applying a decal to their car is the only way they can show their support. Because they are inexpensive, flag decals can be purchased in bulk quantities and handed out to friends and family or to members of a club or organization.

Flag Decals for Every Patriotic Purpose in America

Some flag decals have just the flag on them. Others may incorporate unique designs, of which the flag is only a part. For all kinds of patriotic decals, contact Flag Emporium.