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34 Star 3x5' Nylon Printed Flag / "Union Civil War"
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On 29 January 1861, the state of Kansas was admitted to the union and a new flag became official on 4 July 1861. The first two and last two rows contained seven stars each. The middle row contained six. This was the first new flag to be authorized following the secession of the southern states. The United States Govenment authorized 34 stars believing the southern states to be in rebellion. To remove stars representing the southern states would be admitting they had the right to secede. Therefore, all the stars were kept on the flag, even the ones representing southern states.

  • 1861-1863
  • One star was added to the flag for the admission of Kansas
  • South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia seceded from the Union in 1861
  • President Lincoln did not remove stars from the flag because he believed the Southern states were still part of the government
  • In protest some Northeners cut 11 stars out of their personal flags
  • Abraham Lincoln was the only president to serve under this flag

    This flag is printed on 200 denier nylon. 

    Historical U.S. flags are also available in sizes 4x6', 5x8' and 6'x10', please call to order or add in the comment section and flag will be added to your order.

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    34 Star 3x5' Nylon Printed Flag
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