Custom Flags

Custom flags allow anyone to show her true colors. People enjoy being able to put a touch of individuality on the things that mean the most to them. Purchasing a custom flag gives anyone the ability to choose a design that means something personal and have it put on a flag of any size to wave proudly in almost any location. A family may choose to put their coat of arms on a flag that flies in front of their home. Gardeners can demonstrate their attachment to their plants with a custom garden flag. Those who own boats may want to create a flag to fly from the deck that will let everyone know whose boat is coming.

There are generally two types of custom flags. The first type is the single-sided version. This type of flag is printed on one side only, so that back side shows the front image in reverse. Double-sided flags are two single-sided flags sewn together, so the image is the same on both the front and the back. Custom flags can be created in any size, shape and color and are suitable for displaying outdoors or inside.

Custom Flags for Every Location

Organizations, clubs, schools and military units may also like to have their own custom flags created for them. These flags can be flown at group events and meetings, and smaller versions can be made for individual members to take home with them. For custom flags of all kinds, Flag Emporium is available.