Custom Corporate Flags

Many of today's businesses are adopting the use of custom corporate flags as an additional way to advertise the company and capture the attention of potential customers. Custom corporate flags typically display the logo and name of the company, but they can encompass any graphic design and text the company desires. In most cases, they are flown outside the building, either on a pole or attached to a mount on the side of the building. Some companies obtain strings of small, pennant-shaped flags to fly around the company's perimeter or around some other outdoor feature that needs to have attention drawn to it.

These items can be made with two sides, so that the company's graphics are visible on either side, or with only one side, so that the image is seen in faded reverse on the back. These items are usually made from durable materials that are made to withstand outdoor conditions year round, and they may be treated with weatherproofing chemicals. Depending on the manufacturer, corporate flags may be dyed, silk screened or embroidered.

Custom Corporate Flags and Banners for All Kinds of Advertising Uses

Custom banners can also be made that will fly behind planes over a city. Banners can also be used in parades or in front of the entrance to a building. These banners also make good advertising mediums for companies that are looking for new ways to stand out. Flag Emporium creates custom corporate flags and banners of all kinds and has been in business since 1976.