Custom Car Flags

Custom car flags can display pride in one's own car, or a particular brand of car. They can even show support for favorite NASCAR drivers or an enthusiasm for other car-related sports or activities. It is possible to attach a custom flag to the actual car so that everyone sees it when the automobile is driven (though local regulations regarding the use of such flags on cars should be known and followed before displaying one on the hood, roof or antenna). Custom car flags can also be hung up on a wall, displayed from almost any building or simply held and waved at sporting events.

Replica checkered flags are available for car racing enthusiasts. Checkered flags look just like the ones that are used to start races and can be displayed almost anywhere. Other race lovers prefer pennants that can be hung from bedroom walls by string or around an entire garage. Many race tracks purchase custom pennants to decorate for their events.

In addition to custom car flags, unique, specially made items are also available for such things as:

  • Family reunions
  • School sports teams
  • School bands
  • Company advertising
  • Gardens
  • Boats

Custom Car Flags and More

The use of flags is a long-standing tradition among racing fans. The people who pack the stands at the track are passionate about their favorite cars and drivers. Custom flags allow each fan to show just how enthusiastic he is about the sport he loves. For flags of all kinds for every event and purpose, contact Flag Emporium.