Custom Boat Flags

Custom boat flags are used by boating enthusiasts who want to add flair and visual interest to their watercraft. Using a custom boat flag is a lot like naming a boat--it's a highly personal thing that lets everyone know who the craft belongs to and what that person is like. Custom boat flags can be flown from the top of the craft or on deck, and they can even be used as banners and hung from the side. In most cases, the owner of the watercraft will create the custom design and provide this information to the company that is making the flag. In other cases, the owner may choose to let the custom flag company create the design.

Custom boat flags must be waterproof and able to withstand a wide variety of weather conditions, as they will spend most of their time out in the sun, wind and rain. Colors should be made with dyes that are resistant to fading and synthetic fabrics should be used, as they are the most durable for this type of use.

Get Custom Boat Flags, as Well as Signal and Safety Flags

Custom flags are not the only type flag used on the water. Signal and safety flags are also used for a variety of purposes, including water sports and military uses. Flag Emporium carries all types of flags for outdoor recreational use and also makes custom flags for customers. The company has been in business since 1976 and has an online store that's available at all times.