Commercial Flagpole

Commercial flagpoles provide the foundation for any permanent outdoor display. Flagpoles for commercial purposes are typically made from aluminum or fiberglass, but they may also be made from stronger metals. The bases of the poles may be permanently affixed to the ground, or they may be portable, so the location of the flags can be moved as desired. Commercial flagpoles can be designed to hold a flag in one position or allow it to be raised or lowered, and they may or may not allow the flag to furl in the breeze.

Many businesses want to set up permanent flag displays to show the patriotism of the company. Aside from whether or not the owners of the company actually feel this degree of patriotism, simply showing an indication of it is often enough to draw in extra customers. Setting up a commercial flagpole allows businesses to always keep the flags flying. However, it's not only the American flag that may fly from commercial flagpoles. Custom flags designed with business logos and graphics may be flown, as well as state or local flags, or flags representing the organizations in which business owners have membership.

Commercial Flagpoles for Any Public Building

Schools almost always need commercial flagpoles, since the raising and lowering of the American flag is an important part of most school days. Virtually all American schools start the day with the Pledge of Allegiance and will need poles for school-wide ceremonies. Commercial flagpoles made from aluminum and fiberglass are available from Flag Emporium.