American Revolutionary War Flags

American Revolutionary War flags are frequently used in battle re-enactments, in plays and as teaching tools in colleges, high schools and elementary schools. There are many different versions to choose from, as the American Revolutionary War produced a wide variety of flags. Unlike most other wars, there was no one defining flag of the American Revolution. Different battles, regiments and regions produced their own flags during this tumultuous time in United States history. The original versions were all hand sewn and often carried into battle or displayed afterward at memorials and celebrations. Authentic reproductions are available from many specialty flag dealers.

Sometimes, people like to use American Revolutionary War flags in decorative displays for the Fourth of July holiday. This is a fitting use for these pieces of history, as the Fourth of July is the most American of holidays, developed to commemorate the day independence was officially declared in 1776. Reproductions can be made into hand-held versions or full-sized replicas that can fly high above any home, school or civic center.

American Revolutionary War Flags Have a Treasured Place in History

Some well-known American Revolutionary War flags are those that commemorate:

  • Bunker Hill
  • Bennington
  • The Continental Army
  • The first American navy
  • Fort Moutrie
  • The Green Mountain Boys
  • The Rhode Island Regiment
  • The Grand Union

Using decorative historical flags keeps people in touch with the nation's past and helps them understand where it should go in the future. American Revolutionary War flags of every design are available online from Flag Emporium.