American Flag

The American flag is the most frequently flown flag in the United States. There are people who never buy another type of flag in their lives, but they make sure to always have this crisp, bright representative of the American spirit on hand. The flag may only be brought out at certain times of the year, such as Independence Day, Memorial Day and Veteran's Day, or it may be flown in front of a home year round (this is especially true in times of war).

Of course, large American flags that are flown on poles aren't the only type available. There are small, hand-held versions that children are fond of using on holidays. These make excellent favors to hand out at Fourth of July parties. Businesses and government offices also purchase American flags to fly outside of their buildings. These items are usually raised in the morning and lowered at night. During times of national tragedy, they may also be flown at half-staff.

Use American Flags to Show Patriotism

Every citizen of the United States has been exposed to this American symbol from childhood. Nearly every public school in the nation has one in each classroom, and most school days are begun by pledging allegiance to it. Children are taught that it is patriotic to fly the flag and are instructed to respect it at all times.

Of course, American flags aren't the only type of flag a person may own. Many people choose to adorn their cars, boats and other belongings with custom flags of all kinds. Flag Emporium carries a variety of options for every purpose, including patriotic events and car decoration.